Hello,  My name is Starr Brainard. I am a 2016 alumni of the US Fulbright scholarship program.  I spent 9 months living in Canada, visiting farms and conducting research with the University of Alberta, Edmonton and The Centre for Urban Agriculture in Alberta, Red Deer. Through my research period I gathered data on permaculture, or “permanent agriculture,” landscapes and farms. Skim through my blog posts Jan 2016 – Sept 2016 for anecdotes, factoids, and pictures from that adventure.

Jupiter and I welcome you to the blog!

I am now back living in my home state of Minnesota. My research term has concluded, but I continue working towards a final report of my findings. I am also constantly striving towards being a fully functioning adult human: obtaining and maintaining employment; increasing my knowledge and skills in all things sustainability and farming; being an engaged local citizen; taking care of myself and the dog baby Jupiter; and working towards my dream farm.

I hope you enjoy my occasional blog post. Expect pictures of my gardens, information about sustainable growing techniques, reports from farming events, research updates, and dog photos.

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*The opinions represented in this blog belong to Starr Brainard, and do not represent the views of Fulbright Canada.

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