MOSES Organic Farming Conference

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service hosted its annual Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse, WI and I went! My blog and twitter have been silent for a while, but I assure you alternative farming systems are always on my mind. I’ve worked on a local organic farm, joined the Duluth Young Farmers Coalition, and already ordered and absurd amount of heirloom seeds for the spring and have nearly completed seed starting shelves. The MOSES conference was my latest activity in the field (as in the industry… we weren’t actually in fields; we were in the convention center).  It was a fun experience. I was surrounded by innovative farmers and agriculture researchers all through Friday and Saturday in discussions, lectures, and meals; and at night I crammed myself into a hotel room with 6 other aspiring young farmer friends and friends of friends. Talk about immersion ;P I attended talks on cottage food law, soil testing, natural beekeeping, starting organic vegetable businesses and more. I find the organic farming community to generally be very friendly, open to sharing, and optimistic despite mainly significant challenges to the advancement of “organic” and being successful as a small farmer.

The conference  was just what I needed to get myself in gear for the coming growing season and finally finishing up my research. I will confess I have not been on top of my research as I had hoped to be, and I certainly didn’t make my self -imposed Christmas deadline. My flimsy excuses are that it is difficult to maintain self-discipline when moving to a different country, readjusting to family life, finding my place in a new city, and bouncing around temporary jobs. But I’m getting back on the horse! Expect more posts soon. No more excuses! Farm on!



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