Permies Converge in NORTHERN Alberta!

We did it! Our team at ACIL pulled off the Northern Alberta Permaculture Convergence. See photos below. At our busiest, I would estimate we had about 75 attendees. This convergence demonstrated the diversity in the Albertan permaculture movement by having a very distinct vibe from the convergence that happened in the South earlier this year. I believe the differences were largely due to the fact it was predominately hosted by young people of my generation and music festival enthusiasts. Decorations and cuddle spaces abounded, the structure was relaxed, and every day closed with partying and music, be it by a live band, DJ, or around the campfire. There was also an emphasis on hands-on full group activities. It was a fun and unique experience. I was happy to receive a significant amount of positive feedback, and connect several of my contacts with each other before making my departure. As with any large event, especially one happening for the first time, there were a few hiccups along the way, but overall everyone seemed very happy and most importantly motivated and inspired by the event. I hope beautiful and productive things result from the connections made at our convergence and the impact is felt long beyond my time here in Alberta!


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