One Year of Dog Ownership

Today is Jupiter’s first “got-me” day! I have officially been a dog owner (dog stealer? dog picker-off-the-streeter?) for one year. It has been quite the journey and I look forward to many more happy years, new adventures, and improved dog training and raising skills as I slowly figure out what I’m doing. It’s been quite the trip so far, literally and figuratively. From Cairo, Egypt to Duluth, Minnesota to Red Deer, Alberta. We’ve gone from a vegetarian diet to raw bloody animal flesh, bone, meat, and organ diet (the dog, not me. I’m still vegetarian and the rare occasion I eat meat it is the normal cuts and cooked the appropriate amount). Jupiter even has a twitter account @PermiePuppy. Though the account fades in and out of use, we’re always trying to be greener and reflect critically on how our choices impact the planet. I’ll admit I do most of the critical thinking on Jupiter’s behalf, but she’s a great mascot. To my beautiful pup: I love you and I am so happy we found each other!


Jupiter has made some awesome animal friends in her short life. I want to give a shout-out to one awesome cat from Cairo that was lost too soon. Mushy was my housemate’s cat in Cairo and was Jupiter’s first friend. I remember how Jupiter and Mushy would tear across the house and wrestle each other. The looks of horror on guests’ faces were priceless 😉 Mushy passed away too young earlier this month. He will be missed.


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