Upside-down Tomato Update: Meh

(For all of my email followers, apologies for the premature posting of this update.)

Nearly two months ago I posted this post about the crazy tomatoes I planted at the homestead. So far I’ve only lost one tomato plant early in the experiment. Everything is alive and there are tomatoes ripening on the plants, but do I think this method of growing is worth it? It was a fun project, but not really. Watering from above is a hassle and the water drains down onto the leaves of the plant, so this set-up does not keep leaved dry as some had suggested. I believe I mentioned in the original post that setting the whole thing up was a significant amount of effort and these tomatoes are not any better than my tomatoes in the ground. Midday every day the tomatoes look wilted, even if we have received lots of rain (which we have the past few weeks). I hypothesize this wilting is because the plants are working against natural right-side-up transpiration so they can’t keep their leaves crispy. The only real benefit I have seen from this set up is that you don’t need to tie up the plants or put them in tomato cages. Gravity does that part for you. If you can’t tear up your lawn and desperately need growing space, I say go ahead and hang up your plants, but next time around I would be inclined to hang them right-side-up.


Here it is.
One of the tomatoes died so I replaced it with ground cherry starts.
You can see the upside-down ground cherry is not doing nearly as well as the right-side-up.
Tomatoes in the ground thriving. I believe this plant is larger than any of the upside-down tomatoes.
Everything is alive and green and it certainly is a conversation starter.
SLUGS! This is just a selection of the many I find each morning.

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  1. John Brainard says:

    Opps the tomatoe update doesn’t seem to be working.


    1. That was my mistake! Check out the update now.


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