Garlic, Garlic, Garlic!

Do these words mean anything to you? Spanish Roja, Montana Giant, Genki, Spicy Korean Red, Fish Lake 3, Susan Delafield? These are all varieties of garlic. They all have different tastes and characteristics. ReThink grew all these varieties and more this year! Garlic selling is major fundraiser for ReThink, but more than that we are trying to preserve and distribute these different strains. The most common way of planting garlic and maintaining the varieties’ characteristics is by taking the largest bulbs and planting the individual cloves. Unlike seeds, cloves won’t keep more than a year, so it has to be grown out every year to maintain the strain. We sell the garlic in the hopes that someone, in addition to our organization, will grow these strains. Unfortunately, growing out garlic is a fair amount of work and most people just want to eat it. As the project lead at ReThink says “It’s a life sentence.”

Here are photos from our harvests the last few weeks!

At the homestead

At the Parkside plot

But it wasn’t without its challenges


A storm took down our drying tent. Luckily, there were no losses (other than the tent), but now we have pile piles of garlic to clean and dry and braid.

So much garlic! Just imagine how I and my home smells right now! Wish me luck at this momentous task!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Zander says:

    gaaarrrlicccc and Jupey. sweet.


  2. Anna says:

    Completely Dracula-proof!!! Haha, that was an awesome harvest


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