Earth Day Weekend filled with success!

Happy Belated Earth Day! Friday was the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. In the days leading up to April 22nd, I was scolding myself for having no Earth Day themed activities booked into my schedule. What kind of environmentalist doesn’t celebrate Earth Day?! I am happy to say, I found an answer. The environmentalist who spends every day as Earth Day doesn’t celebrate Earth Day 😉 I had a very rewarding environment-affirming Earth Day weekend, just by virtue of living my life and doing what I love. Am I lucky or just a super nerd? Probably a little of both.

One particularly successful moment that fell on Earth Day propper was seeing the composters funded by my Eco-Leadership grant up and running at RDC! They are working beautifully. There isn’t much more to say that can’t be summarized by the look on my face in the picture below. It is very rewarding to see your own projects up and running.


After the RDC meeting I was off to Edmonton for an urban farm visit with Lactuca farm. I always love my farm visits for my research, but on Earth Day I got a special shout-out on Twitter that just made my day!

My most significant success of the weekend was the Tool Use and Maintenance Workshop for Women I hosted the day after Earth Day at the Aspen Centre for Integral Living (ACIL). This is the first workshop I’ve planned with ACIL, and I believe ACIL’s first workshop not lead by the president, so a milestone for us all. It went smashingly. We had a solid number of participants, great volunteers, and excellent feedback afterwards. I personally came away with not only improved skills with a wide array of tools, but also with a greater appreciation for the ACIL community and the community of women that come together for the workshop. The men of ACIL were supportive in the preparation process, and also gave us the freedom to have an empowered women’s space. We need more male allies like them! I was so happy to find that the women participants really appreciated the space we were trying to create for them, and the workshop facilitators valued the respect they received. There was a universal feeling of support and community, that went well beyond the hard skills we had initially intended to develop. It was beautiful.

May your every day be Earth Day!


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