Searching for Alternative Ag in Canada!

Western Canada, that is. The purpose of this blog is to follow my progress conducting my Fulbright research. I am now happy to finally unveil the first official stage of this research process: the preliminary survey. I am asking all willing alternative agriculture practitioners (permies, homesteaders, gardeners, farmers, and everyone in between) in my region (British Columbia and Alberta) to take a few minutes out of their day and fill out THIS survey.  The survey serves two important purposes in my research:

  1. Help illuminate the bigger picture of alternative food production projects in the region. Through this data we can see the trends of the culture/industry, and better understand the significance of permaculture within that culture.
  2. Help me identify potential data collection sites that exemplify different alternative strategies and fit well into my research methodology.

Please encourage people in your circles to take THIS survey. Sites as small as lawns and as large as commercial farms are welcome to participate. The more responses received the more worthwhile this research will be as a whole.

I am of the belief that it is vitally important that the permaculture movement addresses the deficit of scientific research supporting it. Through my small study at the University of Alberta, I hope to begin evaluating permaculture through a scientific lens. Inviting academic research to investigate permaculture systems will enable those systems to improve and hopefully be accepted mainstream more readily. My survey is not limited to only “permaculture” sites, because of the complicated nature of the term discussed in previous posts. The objective is to cast as wide a net as possible, and catch all food producers who follow the ethics of caring for the earth, caring for people, and returning surplus, even if they do not call themselves permaculture.

Here is the link for the survey again:

Thank you for the support.


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