Garbage-Free February

February ReThink Red Deer is going Garbage Free! This year is the 10th Anniversary of Garbage-Free February. This month long event is intended to raise public awareness of waste, and challenge individuals in a different way each week to reduce the amount of material they send to landfills. I have decided I’m going all the way. My goal is to throw away nothing and only recyce and compost when needed. I will keep all of the trash I generate and keep you updated on my progress.

There are some inspirational stories out there that make going waste free seem easy:

But in my preparation for next month I am finding that waste is everywhere. Some products will deceive you!

Take for instance this yummy yummy dried mango. Despite this label eluding to recycling it is a composite material, meaning it includes paper and/or plastic and/or metal that can’t be seperated, and so not recycled or composted.



Or how about these goldfish? It looks like the bag might be compostable paper, but once you open it you find the “freshness” packet. I recycle what I can but I will have to be more careful when February is in full swing!




Expect updates from me as I try to figure out how to purchase and dispose of certain things. My first most pressing waste concern is dog poop! Stay tuned.



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