What a weekend!

I can see the semblance of a life emerging! I, cave-basement dweller and nerdy foreigner new to a city of mostly locals, had a BUSY weekend! Filled with both work and play, but when the work is what you’re passionate about it’s hard to differentiate.

Friday, I kicked off the weekend by setting up ReThink Red Deer’s booth at the Subway Healthy Living Expo (more about that later), and then headed over to my Lindy Hop lesson. I am always impressed with the classic music they play at the dance studio. Even if the class is going slower than I might like, the crowd is lovely, and the musics transports me back to a bygone era when the quality of pop music was in the hands of orchestra conductors and  vocalists who sounded just as good live as in their recordings instead of producers and Pro Tools and Autotune.

Saturday, I was up early for my first event on the job, The Healthy Living Expo. I helped represent ReThink Red Deer, sold organic open pollinated seeds, and explored the Expo. There were many fitness programs represented, included an intriguing belly dancing fitness company, lots of organic food and essential oils vendors, a vet and a dog boutique! I watch some little girls do some high flying cheer leading, had my “aura” scanned in an attempt to sell me supplements and treatments, and came home with some awesome dried fruit, puppy treats and swag. Find some tweets with photos below.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, I attended and volunteered at my first Nuclear Free Roller Derby (NFRD) bout that evening! I timed the penalty box. We played the Deathbridge Derby Dames and crushed them in a friendly game 😛 If you have never seen derby before, it is a highly complicated, contact, fast-paced sport on wheels. There are 7 refs for 10 players on the field and many more support roles for tracking points, penalties, timeouts, etc. Volunteering is great not only because I contribute to the team and don’t have to pay to attend the bout, but also because I can learn the finer points of the rules. And of course there’s the pizza after party. Nom nom.

After much more socializing than I am accustomed, I slept for 10 and a half hours and then started again Sunday. I started the morning doing seed inventory for the Harvest Garden I will being managing for ReThink Red Deer in the spring. I have a love-hate relationship with spreadsheets. They are such a pain, but I don’t know how anyone ever ran any business or did any science without the software. Nerdy, I know, but I had a good time seeing what plants are available to me, and dreaming about what I will grow later this year.

Sunday afternoon I was back to derby for the Annual Meeting. Jupiter came along to my teammate’s beautiful house surrounded by dream gardens, filled with art, two large dogs, three bearded dragons, and numerous children (who belongs to whom I am still not sure). We derby ladies ate food, covered business, voted on captains and board members, ate more food, exchanged Secret Santa gifts, ate some more, and cleaned the bearings in our skates. It was a great time.

Now I have to get back to the monotony of reading scholarly articles about the differing yields of organic and conventional agricultural systems for my research. I actually really enjoy my time at home and find the material very interesting, so I can’t complain. All is good 🙂


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